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I just got a roll of film developed at Happy Snaps, a London digital/print shop. I’m a bit disappointed by the weird dirt marks (??) on my photos, but otherwise, I like the colours, especially that pop of yellow in the first one. Definitely missing summer and Toronto right now…

EllasUncle EllasUncle2 EllasUncle3
Canon AE-1 | Kodak Portra 400



Strada 241. Otherwise known as that Italian restaurant in Chinatown.


Strada 241 is a coffee shop at the front, restaurant at the back. Check. Exposed brick walls. Check. Warm wooden beams. Check.  Pizza oven smack down in the middle. Check. The focus is rustic Southern Italian cuisine. Check, check, and check. All that said, it’s a pity that the food did not live up to expectations.

The Margherita pizza and the bucatini (with tomatoes, parmesan, and shredded basil) were unremarkable. The fried calamari was a dud; oily and speared on what looked like a torture implement, more confusing than appetizing. Their salumi selection, however, won me over. Most notable was the wild boar sausage.

But Strada does have desserts, and their cafe front, we were told, serves coffee until they close. As someone who usually craves a latte or ice-cream after a bowl of pho, I’m more than happy there’s finally a place in Chinatown to fulfill that need. (Leo would claim that it’s a want, not a need to have sweets after dinner. I ignore him every time.)


Canon AE-1 | Kodak Portra 400 & 160

Strada 241
241 Spadina Avanue | Website | Yelp

BHH BLOG | Keriwa Cafe
Canon AE-1 | Kodak Portra 400……Keriwa Cafe from way back.

What are you looking forward to this weekend? Leo is heading off to Los Angeles and Las Vegas on Saturday morning – *womp* *womp*. It won’t be too lonely of a week for me though. Baking sessions have been planned as well as a much needed scheduled brunch with new friends! I might even squeeze in some exercise. Who knows.

Have a happy Friday and stay warm!