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Montreal, City of Saints, Foie Gras, and All Things Good. After San Francisco we had this brilliant idea of saving money, but the more we thought about it, the more it didn’t seem right to skip our yearly pilgrimage to the foodie sin capital of Canada. So off on the bus we went one Saturday morning. We arrived at three in the afternoon, devoured as much as we could, and headed back home to Toronto the following Sunday.

Here’s what we did and ate:

3:30pm: Coffee at Café Myriade
Website | 1432 Mackay St
Coffee, kaffe, kahve, is a must on the list. My favourite place in Montreal is Café Myriade.


6pm: Poutine Classique at La Banquise
Website | 994 rue Rachel Est



If poutine is not your thing, try the Portuguese place right across.

portuguese chicken

After poutine was a little walk around la Parc La Fontaine, a livelier and less manicured version of Toronto’s High Park.


9:30pm: Dinner at Liverpool House
Website | 2501 Notre Dame West

Joe Beef’s sister restaurant is the perfect mix of French bistro and British pub food. The dishes are seasonal, portions are beyond generous (though we were sad to learn we had to pay for bread), there’s some Pakistani influences (rabbit korma, tandoori cauliflower), and the restaurant is best approached with no set expectations. There are no paper menus, only a dark and intimidating black board of French text.

After one hour of analyzing the blackboard, we finally figured out what we wanted. Chicken liver and bone marrow tortellini in a broth full of fresh parsley. The smoked trout with roasted beets and a boiled egg that came with a mint sauce. The hanger steak, by far the best steak we’ve eaten, was tender. The housemade sausage stuffed with jalapeno and coriander came with clams and mussels over a salsa verde. But first, there were some cocktails – a bourbon sour and a summer concoction made with pineapple liqueur.

Liverpool House



We wobbled out of Liverpool House a little bit after midnight.

11am: Brunch at Le Gros Jambon
Website | 286 Notre Dame West
Somehow the next day we managed to have brunch, and I have three words for you: BOURBON PEACH PANCAKES. Le Gros Jambon, by appearances, is good old American diner food. For breakfast: pancakes, fried chicken and waffles, huevos rancheros, and egg benedicts. Lunch are the heavy hitters: burgers, and, you know, because you’re in Montreal, why not some DUCK CONFIT BLT sandwiches?


Website | 451& 465, rue St-Jean
After brunch, we did something a bit more…cultural. DHC/Art is a free public contemporary art gallery in Old Montreal. We’ve gone to DHC/Art every year, and the programming just gets better and better. Cory Arcangel will be on show until November 24, a fun exhibition not to be missed!



2pm: Coffee at Pikolo Espresso Bar
Website | 3418B Parc Avenue


St. Viateur Bagel & Café
Website | 1127 Mont-Royal East
Obviously, we had to pick up some bagels to bring back home.


Website | 3895 Saint-Laurent Boulevard 
We didn’t have time to sit down to eat, so we brought our sandwiches on the bus.

mtl sandwich

4pm: Iced tea and Croissant Amandine at Le Couteau
Website | 4627 St-Denis
And finally…Le Couteau. It’s a little bit hidden from the main streets, making it ideal for relaxing, decompressing, and finishing crossword puzzles.




2012 was the year I discovered bourbon, became obsessed with eggnog, bought shoes one size too small out of pride, tried hot yoga, and – drum roll please – ate a guinea pig in Peru. I had a few major downers, but the months passed and I’m feeling optimistic again.

Overall, I had a very good 2012 with so much to be thankful about. Leo and I ate lots of good food and travelled far. It can only get better!


We’re going to try to get better at this blogging thing. So, without much further ado…here are a few pictures from the past twelve months.

BHH Blog | Ricotta scone and olive oil cake at Abraco

New York City in May with Leo and friends was a blast. I was a day late and missed the Yankees game, oysters at The John Dory Oyster Bar and pizzas at Motorino’s, but I forgive them. I would have done the same. We ate so many good things, including a lovely breakfast at Marlow & Sons, pizza lunch at Roberta’s, and the original Momofuku Noodle Bar. This ricotta scone (foreground) and olive oil cake (background) you’re seeing in this post is from a quick East Village pit stop at Abraço Espresso on our way to Brooklyn. 

BHH Blog | Brooklyn Flea

This Brooklyn Flea dog. On Portra 400 film using my Canon AE-1 camera.

BHH Blog | Brooklyn Flea

A lucky shot of fajitas at my favourite Brooklyn Flea stand. On Portra 400 film.

BHH Blog | Early Morning at Machu Picchu

In June, I boarded three planes to get to Cusco, Peru. I went on a three day hike across Ollantaytambo and visited Machu Picchu.

BHH Blog | Peru

BHH Blog | Peru

My group got to see a local chocolate maker’s atelier in one of the Sacred Valley villages in Peru. We tasted raw cocoa and drank chicha! The flower picture is on Fuji Pro 400H film using Leo’s Olympus XA camera.

BHH Blog | Montreal Trip

Went back to Montreal in August.  We ate in Little Burgundy at Burgundy Lion and Atwater Market. We also had a nice evening at Les 400 Coups, which, as some of you know, was just listed in Maclean’s controversial top 50 best restaurants in Canada list. The Montreal list is incomplete without Joe Beef, but what can you do…cheers to Les 400 Coups though! Worth a visit.

I rented a Carl Zeiss 50mm F1.4  ZE Planar T* for the Montreal trip. The bokeh was amazing. 

BHH Blog | Montreal Trip

This picture of Leo tearing up bread from Boulangerie Guillaume is my favourite photo.

BHH Blog | Montreal Trip

Followed by Leo breaking this cookie from Olive & Gourmando. (Can I has Carl Zeiss forever?)

BHH Blog | Montreal Trip

Can’t really complain about budget travelling. We had a two hour ‘layover’ in Kingston (Ontario) thanks to a broken down Mega Bus jalopy on our way back home from Montreal.

Back in Toronto…

BHH Blog | Summer

Leo’s DIY Backyard Fire Pit. Pure genius.

I never posted the recipe, but one of the proudest things I’ve baked all year was this Coconut Swirl Bread. It was a visual fail, but the taste was incredible. It’s similar to a brioche in that both of them are enriched with eggs and involve lots of butter.


Jim Lahey’s No-Knead-Bread wasn’t bad either. We also made his No-Knead-Pizza.

BHH Blog | Ramen

BHH Blog | Ramen

2012 was the summer of the ramen. (Top) Kinton Ramen, (1) Momofuku Toronto, (2) Sansotei Ramen, and (3) Santouka Ramen all opened within months of each other. We went to every one of them. Our favourite so far is Santouka. (Worth the line up?)  Looking forward to trying A-OK Foods from Yours Truly and Raijin in 2013. Sodium content aside, too much ramen is a good thing, but how about some decent gyoza? – just saying.

All-You-Can-Eat sushi birthdays are the best. Even better? The generous amounts of dessert Ten-Ichi let us order. Before you judge, there was seven of us at the table. Best bang for your buck for AYCE…in Scarborough.

Coming up for the new year…

BHH Blog | LA Food Preview

Leo’s Los Angeles vacation.

And, of course, more Toronto <3

Happy New Year, you guys!