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Geez, who knew brewing coffee required any thinking! After years of my mom making coffee for us every weekend, I’ve finally decided it’s high time I try it myself. Thinking it was just like tea, I was just going to throw in a couple of spoonful and however much water I thought I’d need until my mom stopped me and impatiently explained that there’s some sort of ratio to it all.

For these “Kenya Kangocho” beans from Forty Parallel Ninth, I tried two tablespoon of coffee and measured water for 4 cups of coffee. Other than “bold” and “mild”, my coffee vocab is pretty limited – so please excuse my attempt at describing it. (My mom just peered over my shoulder and asked – scoffed! – if I was trying to tell people how to make coffee.) While I usually like coffee that are bolder, these turned out tasting pretty mild, but bright.

Anyway, who am I kidding? This was all just an excuse for me to take pictures.


Have a nice Sunday! I have plans of making Joy the Baker’s almond lemon meringue cookies.


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